Origin: English

Meaning: “God is gracious”
feminine form of Shane

Best Nicknames:
Shani, Shanie, Shany, Shay

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Shanae, Shanah, Shanay, Shane,
Shanea, Shanaya, Shayna, Shayne

Shana Book Quotes:
“She pulled Shana back for another hug.”
Almost a Christmas Bride (2011)
“Shana did not reply — she just smiled.”
Journey to Love (2011)

Famous people named Shana or its variations

1. Shana Frances Swash (b. 1990), British actress
2. Shayna Rose (b. 1983), American actress
born Shayna Rose Mordue
3. Shana Caledonia Morrison (b. 1970), American singer

Shana Middle Names
Shana Cortlyn
Shana Everleigh
Shana Melodie
Shana Rielle
Shana Yvonne

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