Origin: Latin

Meaning: “tranquil, serene”

Best Nicknames:
Rena, Reena, Reenie

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Sarina, Saryna, Sereena, Serenah, Serene, Serenity,
Serenna, Serina, Serinah, Serinna, Seryna

Serena TV and Movie Quotes:
“Shawn’s the father of Serena’s baby!”
Psych: Lights, Camera… Homicidio (2008)
“I can’t believe you sometimes, Serena!”
Sailor Moon: Next in Line (2000)

Famous people named Serena or its variations

1. Serena Ryder (b. 1982), Canadian singer
2. Serena Jameka Williams (b. 1981), American tennis pro
3. Serena Clerici (b. 1971) Itallian voice actress

Serena Middle Names
Serena Dolores
Serena Felice
Serena Kaye
Serena Margaret
Serena Zoey

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  1. Serena Merkel says:

    I feel like my name is too long..anyway I think I’m gonna have my friends call me Ree. I like the feel of it you know lol

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