Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “peace”

Best Nicknames:
Lolo, Sal, Sallie, Sallee, Salmie

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Sahlma, Salima, Salma, Salmah, Saloma, Salomea, Salomey,
Salomi, Selima, Selma, Selmah, Solome, Solomea

Salome TV and Movie Quotes:
“Are you familiar with the tale of Salome?” Ladykiller (1996)
“Listen, Salome, a wink won’t do.” Les Miserables (1995)
“Did you ever hear of a lady named Salome?” Four Fast Guns (1960)

Famous people named Salome or its variations

1. Salome MC (b. 1985), Iranian rapper
2. Salome Kammer (b. 1959), German actress
3. Salome Jens (b. 1935), American actress

Salome Middle Names
Salome Alanna
Salome Camille
Salome Elisabeth
Salome Halima
Salome Rose

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    this is my name

  2. Mali says:

    I call my daughter Shalo

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