Origin: Italian

Meaning: rosary

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Rosa, Rosarietta, Rosarina, Rosario, Sara, Saria, Sarina

Rosaria TV and Movie Quotes:
“Good morning, Rosaria, would you like to come in
and see the house?” Stromboli (1950)
“Turns out Dora is Rosaria’s long-lost cousin.”
Leaving Barstow (2008)

Famous people named Rosaria or its variations

1. Rosaria Renna (b. 1974), Italian radio and TV host
2. Rosaria Capacchione (b. 1960), Italian journalist, politician
3. Rosaria De Cicco (b. 1958), Italian actress

Rosaria Middle Names
Rosaria Assunta
Rosaria Isabelle
Rosaria Mariangela
Rosaria Stefania

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