Origin: Old German

meaning: “gentle horse”
also, a combination of Rosa and Linda

Best Nicknames:
Ros, Rosa, Roz, Lynn

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Rosaleen, Rosalen, Rosalin, Rosalina, Rosalinda,
Rosalinde, Rosaline, Rosalinn, Rosalyn, Rosalynd,
Rosalynda, Rosalynn, Roselin, Roselina, Roselind,
Roselinda, Roselinde, Roseline, Roselinn, Roselyn,
Roselynda, Roselynde, Roslyn, Roslynn, Roslynne,
Rozalin, Rozalind, Rozalinda, Rozalynn, Rozalynne,
Rozelin, Rozelind, Rozelinda, Rozelyn, Rozelynda

Rosalind TV and Movie Quotes:
“Rosalind is your love’s name?”
As You Like It (1992)
“What ever gave you that idea, Rosalind?”
The Baby-Sitters Club (1995)

Famous people named Rosalind or its variations

1. Rosalind Bennett (b. 1966), English actress
2. Rosalind Chao (b. 1957), American actress
3. Rosalind Russell (1907-76), American actress

Rosalind Middle Names
Rosalind Diane
Rosalind Elayne
Rosalind Iris
Rosalind Joelle
Rosalind Lauren

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