Origin: French

derived from the flower “rose”
Italian form: Rosalia

Best Nicknames:
Rosa, Rose, Rosi, Rosie, Rosey

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Rosalee, Rosaleen, Rosalia, Rosalina, Rosaline,
Rosalyne, Rozalia, Rozalie, Rozelie, Rozellia

Rosalie TV and Movie Quotes:
“Come home, Rosalie.” Twilight (2008)
“I’m not giving up, Rosalie.” Cold Storage (2010)
“Rosalie, there’s no need to cry.”
The Children’s Hour (1961)

Famous people named Rosalie or its variations

1. Rosalie van Breemen (b. 1966), Dutch model, journalist
2. Rosalie Sorrels (b. 1933), American folk singer,
story-teller; born Rosalie Stringfellow
3. Rosalie Ann Birch (b. 1983), English cricketer

Rosalie Middle Names
Rosalie Angelica
Rosalie Desiree
Rosalie Charlotte
Rosalie Juliana
Rosalie Natalia

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