Origin: Latin

meaning: famous in the land
feminine form of Roland

Variations, Nicknames Sound Alikes:
Ro, Rolande, Rolonda, Rolonde

Rolanda Book Quotes:
“Rolanda was so surprised, she walked out of the room…”
Brown-on-Brown (2003)
“Why do you think that Rolanda said the bracelet was ugly?”
Happy Princess (2007)

Famous people named Rolanda or its variations

1. Rolanda Marais (b. 1978), South African actress
2. Rolonda Watts (b. 1959), American actress
3. Rolanda Chagrin (b. 1957), Romanian-born
Israeli actress and comedian

Rolanda Middle Names
Rolanda Bernice
Rolanda Jane
Rolanda Louise
Rolanda Paulette
Rolanda Sue

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