Origin: Irish

meaning: little rose
(pron: Ro – Sheen)

Variations, Nicknames Sound Alikes:
Rose, Rosaleen, Rosie, Róisín, Rosheen

Roisin TV and Movie Quotes:
“I can’t match you, Roisin.” Ae Fond Kiss… (2004)
“I really don’t deserve this, Roisin. Especially from you.”
Trial and Retribution: Shooter, Part I (2009)

Famous people named Roisin or its variations

1. Róisín Conaty, British comedienne
2. Róisín Marie Murphy (b. 1973), Irish singer, songwriter
3. Róisín Shortall (b. 1954), Irish politician

Roisin Middle Names
Roisin Dearbháil
Roisin Hannah
Roisin Ciara
Roisin Sorcha
Roisin Triona

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