Origin: English

Meaning: various
variant of Rowena, Rowan or Rosanna

Variations, Nicknames Sound Alikes:
Roan, Roana, Roann, Roanne

Roanna Book Quotes:
“It’s truth time, Roanna– and I have spoken the hard truth.”
Anarchy of the Ashes (2008)
“That’s the difference between us, Roanna.”
The Inheritance (2011)

Famous people named Roanna or its variations

1. Roanna Cochrane, British actress
2. Roanna Lynette Huckstep, American actress
3. Roanna Rosewood, American author

Roanna Middle Names
Roanna Chloe
Roanna Dianne
Roanna Francine
Roanna Mariah
Roanna Payton

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