Origin: Old German

meaning: “powerful leader”
feminine form of Richard or Ricardo

Best Nicknames:
Ricca, Ricci, Ricki, Rickie, Richie, Rika, Ritchie

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Riccarda, Ricciarda, Richanda,
Richarda, Rikarda, Rizzarda

Ricarda Book Quotes:
“… Ricarda made her appearance, her eyes
evinced displeasure…” Italian Mysteries (2005)
“Ricarda has promised to become my wife…”
Appletons’ Journal (1879)

Famous people named Ricarda or its variations

1. Ricarda Zimmerer (b. 1996), German actress
2. Ricarda Multerer (b. 1990), German épée fencer
3. Ricarda Lisk (b. 1981), German triathlete

Ricarda Middle Names
Ricarda Celeste
Ricarda Elyse
Ricarda Kaye
Ricarda Naomi
Ricarda Sophronia

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