Origin: German

meaning: “battle god”
also a variation of Rona (Scottish: rough isle)

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Rhonan, Rhone, Rona, Rowna

Rhona TV and Movie Quotes:
“Rhona and I were very different.”
My Last Five Girlfriends (2009)
“You were laughing together with Rhona?”
The Creatives (1998 TV Series)

Famous people named Rhona or its variations

1. Rhona Fox (b. 1979), American actress
2. Rhona Natasha Mitra (b. 1976), English actress, singer
3. Rhona Cameron (b. 1965), Scottish comedian

Rhona Middle Names
Rhona Barbara
Rhona Caroline
Rhona Frances
Rhona Jo
Rhona Marielle

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