Remy (Girl)

Origin: French

meaning: “oarsman”
evolved from the Latin name Remigius

Variations, Nicknames Sound Alikes:
Rem, Remee, Remi, Remmi, Remmie, Remmy

Remy TV and Movie Quotes:
“I can’t go back, Remy.” House M.D.: After Hours (2011)
“Remy, what are you doing in here?” Ratatouille (2007)

Famous people named Remy or its variations

1. Remy Zaken (b. 1989), American actress
2. Remy Ryan Hernandez (b. 1984), American actress
3. Remy Ma (b. 1981), American rapper
born Reminisce Smith

Remy Middle Names
Remy Cathleen
Remy Jo
Remy Miranda
Remy Olivia
Remy Suzanne

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