Origin: Hebrew

meaning: “fourth-born”
also, diminutive of Rebecca

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Rabah, Rebah, Reeba, Reyba, Rheba

Reba TV and Movie Quotes:
“Reba Sue is so doe-eyed that I’m getting starch ingestion
just watching her.” The Cinema Snob (2007 TV Series)
“What do you know about green jackets, Reba?”
Northwest Passage (1958 TV Series)

Famous people named Reba or its variations

1. Reba Nell McEntire (b. 1955), American country singer
2. Reba Paige Meagher (b. 1967), former Australian politician
3. Reba Elliott, social activist, Exec. Director of Lifting Voices

Reba Middle Names
Reba Cheyenne
Reba Dawn
Reba Georgette
Reba Lynne
Reba Shay

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