Origin: Scandinavian

meaning: “counsel”
also Israeli: song

Best Nicknames:
Rae, Rain, Ray, Ray-Ray

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Raina, Rayne, Raynee, Reina, Reyna

Rayna TV and Movie Quotes:
“At last, Rayna’s emotions have stirred to life.”
Star Trek: Requiem for Methuselah (1969)
“Someone’s trying to kill Rayna, and to my utter astonishment
it isn’t me.” Doll House: Stage Fright (2009)

Famous people named Rayna or its variations

1. Rayna Tharani (b. 1980) American actress
2. Rayna Gellert (b. 1975), American fiddler and singer
3. Rayna Foss (b. 1973), American musician

Rayna Middle Names
Rayna Cheyenne
Rayna Jean
Rayna Louise
Rayna Mariana
Rayna Roseanne

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