Origin: Arabic

meaning: various
(1) life companion; (2) springtime; (3) fourth-born female

Variations, Nickname and Sound Alikes:
Rabea, Rabi, Rabiya, Rabiyah, Rabya, Rebiya

Rabia Book Quotes:
“You could never trust Rabia’s temper.”
Ghalib at Dusk (2009)
“Rabia came into our room, full of concern.”
The Other Side of Silence (2011)

Famous people named Rabia or its variations

1. Rabia Z. Mukhawara, aka Rabia Z, Emirati fashion designer
2. Rabia Butt, Pakistani actress and model
3. Rabia Ă–zden Kazan, Turkish journalist and writer

Rabia Middle Names
Rabia Farida
Rabia Maryam
Rabia Yamina

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