Origin: various

Meaning: “various”
variant of Kiana: combination of ‘Ki’ prefix and ‘Ana’
American: variant of Ayanna or Hannah
Hawaiian: feminine variant of Keanu

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Kiana, Kiki, Qiana, Quianna, Quianna, QiQi, Quiyanna

Phrases you might say or hear someday:
It won’t sting that much, Quiana.
You always take Quiana’s side.
You’ll do what you’re told, Quiana!

Famous people named Quiana or its variations

1. Quianna Chaney (b. 1986), American basketball pro
2. Quiana Grant (b. 1982), American model
3. Qiana Chanel Chase (b. 1981), American model, actress

Quiana Middle Names
Quiana Camille
Quiana Harper
Quiana Jazmine
Quiana Serenity
Quiana Violet

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  1. Quiana says:

    I wondered what nickname I should have, I mean my name is so unique so it’s hard to chose a nickname like you can do with other names!

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