Origin: Spanish

Meaning: “home ruler”
short form of Enriqueta

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Kayda, Queda

Queta Book Quotes:
“Queta would not look at him.”
The World in Pancho’s Eyes (2007)
“There are four girls in the office, as well
as Queta.” Tattoo (2013)

Famous people named Queta or its variations
Queta LavatQueta ClaverQueta Carrasco

1. Queta Lavat (b. 1929), Mexican actress
born Enriqueta Margarita Lavat Bayona
1. Queta Claver (1929-2003), Spanish actress
born Enriqueta Claver Delás
2. Queta Carrasco (1913-96), Mexican actress
born Enriqueta Carrasco Navarrete

Enriqueta Middle Names
Enriqueta Flor
Enriqueta Maria
Enriqueta Pilar
Enriqueta Teresa

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