Origin: unknown

Meaning: “unknown”
possible fem. form of Quan, Vietnamese: “army”
possible var. of Juanita; possible var. of Aquanetta

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Quanetta, Quanette, Quanitta

Quanita Book Quotes:
“”For as long as I can remember, Mrs. Quanita
loved me and treated me as if I was her son.”
Everything Must Change (2005)
“Ah, this will make it easy for me to surprise my Quanita,” he
thought.” Fact & Fiction Hunting & Fishing Stories (2010)

Famous people named Quanita or its variations

1. Quanita Adams, South African actress
2. Quanitta Underwood, American Olympic boxer
nickname “Queen”

Quanita Middle Names
Quanita Esmee
Quanita Ilona
Quanita Kaye
Quanita Marie

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