Origin: Greek

Meaning: “lover of horses”
diminutive form of Philippa

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Pip, Pippi, Pippie, Pippy

Pippa TV and Movie Quotes:
“Pippa, you are a North American; you see a problem, you
want to solve it.” End Game (2011 TV Series)
“I’m getting a feeling of deja Pippa.”
The Facts of Life (1979 TV Series)

Famous people named Pippa or its variations

1. Pippa Mann (b. 1983), British race car driver
2. Pippa Black (b. 1982), Australian actress
3. Pippa Duffy (b. 1981), English actress

Pippa Middle Names
Pippa Bronwen
Pippa Jo
Pippa Leanne
Pippa Rose

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