Origin: Spanish

Meaning: “pillar”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Pilara, Pilarita, Pili

Pilar TV and Movie Quotes:
“Seeing you like that, Pilar, reminds me of an old TV show.
“The Jeffersons.” You’re moving on up!” Passions (1999 TV Series)
“Pilar will be on the other side of you.” Maverick (1957 TV Series)

Famous people named Pilar or its variations

1. Pilar Montserrat Lastra (b. 1981), an American model
2. Pilar López de Ayala Arroyo (b. 1978), Spanish film actress
3. Pilar Elena Mazzetti Soler (b. 1946), Peruvian physician,
Minister of the Interior

Pilar Middle Names
Pilar Carmela
Pilar Fernanda
Pilar Ivonne
Pilar Joaquina
Pilar Raquel

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