Origin: Greek

Meaning: “rock”

Best Nicknames:
Pet, Nel, Nell, Nella, Nellie, Nelly, Ella

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Petra, Petrina, Petronela, Petronelle, Petronille, Petronilla

Petronella Book Quotes:
“You would think Petronella’s sixteenth birthday would be a cause
for celebration.” Petronella Saves Nearly Everyone (2009)
“On 18 June 1164, Petronella renounced her royal rights to Aragon
in favor of her son…” Medieval Iberia (2003)

Famous people named Petronella or its variations

1. Petronella Wyatt (b. 1968), British journalist, author
2. Petronella Barker (b. 1942), British-born Norwegian actress
3. Nel van Vliet (1926-2006), Dutch Olympic swimmer
born Petronella van Vliet

Petronella Middle Names
Petronella Aubrey
Petronella Daphne
Petronella Grace
Petronella Kamrynne
Petronella Sydney

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