Origin: Greek

Meaning: “rock”

Best Nicknames:
Pet, Trina

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Petra, Petronela, Petronella, Petronelle, Petronille, Petronilla

Petrina Book Quotes:
“He did not recognize Petrina.”
The Cloud Walker (2011)
““I might have lunch with Petrina.”
An Accidental Goddess (2005)

Famous people named Petrina or its variations

1. Petrina Namutenya Haingura (b. 1959), Namibian politician
2. Petrina Fung Bo Bo (b. 1954), Hong Kong actress, aka
Fung Bo Bo and Bobo Fung; The Shirley Temple of Hong Kong
3. Petrina Alexandra Holdsworth (b. 1952), English politician

Petrina Middle Names
Petrina Celeste
Petrina Dianne
Petrina Harmony
Petrina June
Petrina Marlene

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