Origin: Latin

Meaning: “small”
feminine form of Paul

Best Nicknames:
Pauli, Paulie, Pauly, Pollie, Polly, Poulie

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Paolina, Pauleen, Paulene, Pauline,
Paulyne, Pavlina, Polline

Paulina TV and Movie Quotes:
“Maybe you’re not picturing Paulina the way I’m picturing her.”
Alex and Emma (2003)
“I never would have met Paulina if it wasn’t for you!”
Xena: Warrior Princess (1995 TV Series)

Famous people named Paulina or its variations

1. Paulina Gaitán Ruíz (b. 1992), Mexican actress
2. Paulina Porizkova (b. 1965), Czech-American model, actress
born Pavlína Pořízková
3. Paulina Chiziane (b. 1955), Mozambican author

Paulina Middle Names
Paulina Clothilde
Paulina Grace
Paulina Lucienne
Paulina Margrethe
Paulina Zenaide

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