Origin: Greek

Meaning: “honey, all sweetness”

Best Nicknames
Pam, Pammie, Pammy

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Pamala, Pamalla, Pamella, Pammela

Pamela TV and Movie Quotes:
“You have to ask yourself, Pamela, what would Jesus do?”
Army Wives: A Tribe Is Born (2007)
“Well, Daddy, Pamela doesn’t consider herself a Ewing woman.”
Dallas: Black Market Baby (1978)

Famous people named Pamela or its variations

1. Pamela Denise Anderson (b.1967), Canadian-born actress
2. Pamela Sue Martin (b. 1953), American actress
3. Pamela Bach (b. 1963), American actress
born Pamela Ann Weissenbach

Pamela Middle Names
Pamela Britney
Pamela Louise
Pamela May
Pamela Roberta
Pamela Sophia

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