Origin: English

Meaning: “young servant”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Padget, Padgett, Page, Paget, Pagett, Payge

Paige TV and Movie Quotes:
“Paige, you’re my baby sister, not my babysitter.”
Charmed: Witch Wars (2004)
“Where did you go to school, Paige?”
Prince of the City (1981)

Famous people named Paige or its variations
Paige O'HaraPaige ChuaPaige Howard

1. Paige O’Hara (b.1956), American singer, actress
born Donna Paige Hemintoller
2. Paige Chua (b. June 1981), Singaporean model, actress
3. Paige Carlyle Howard (b. 1985), American actress

Paige Middle Names
Paige Amalie
Paige Diana
Paige Eleonora
Paige Mariette
Paige Rihanna

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