Origin: German

Meaning: “wealthy, prosperous”
feminine form of Otto

Best Nicknames
Tillee, Tillie, Tilly

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Otelia, Otelie, Otilia, Ottilia

Ottilie TV and Movie Quotes:
“Ottilie was too busy to be lonesome.” House of Flowers (1958)
“In this secret work I had only one confidante, my sister Ottilie…”
My Life (Richard Wagner) (1870)

Famous people named Ottilie or its variations

1. Otilia Lux de Cotí, Guatemalan politician, social leader
2. Tilly Losch (1903-75), Austrian dancer, actress, painter;
born Ottilie Ethel Leopoldine Losch, Countess of Carnarvon
through her marriage to Henry Herbert, 6th Earl of Carnarvon
3. Ottilie Wagner Brockhaus (1811-83), sister of German
composer, Richard Wagner

Ottilie Middle Names
Ottilie Charmaine
Ottilie Gretchen
Ottilie Josephine
Ottilie Rose

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