Origin: Latin

Meaning: “sunrise”

Best Nicknames
Ora, Orri, Orrie

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Oiana, Oreana, Oria, Oriane, Orianna

Oriana Book Quotes:
“Oriana gasped out loud!” Oriana Oakleigh
and the Primrose Path
“Oriana… that is your name. I remember it.” Oriana’s Eyes:
Book One of the Great Oak Trilogy

Famous people named Oriana or its variations
Oriana OppiceOriane BonduelOriana Fallaci

1. Oriana Oppice, Sicilian-American actress
2. Oriane Bonduel, French actress
3. Oriana Fallaci (1930-2006), Italian journalist, author

Oriana Middle Names
Oriana Blanche
Oriana Davina
Oriana Kathleen
Oriana Mae
Oriana Raquel

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  1. orianna says:

    hey fellow oreos!

    some nicknames:

  2. Amelia says:

    hey, my name is Amelia and I am 12 years old who wants to be friends!

  3. oriana says:

    been called ori my whole life

  4. Oriana says:

    Oreo, all my friends have called me Oreo since I was 7
    My friend calls me “Nana Bear”.

  5. Orianna Libby says:

    Nickname, Rani

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