Origin: Greek

Meaning: “from Mount Olympus”

Best Nicknames
Oly, Pia

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Olimpe, Olimpia, Olympe, Olympie

Olympia TV and Movie Quotes:
“Olympia is the personification of domestic virtue…”
Last Tango in Paris (1972)
“Brian loves Olympia Dukakis!”
Family Guy: Stewie Loves Lois (2006)

Famous people named Olympia or its variations

1. Olympia Hopsonidou (b. 1984), Greek model
2. Olympia Jean Bouchles Snowe (b. 1947), American politician
3. Olympia Dukakis (b. 1931), American actress

Olympia Middle Names
Olympia Claire
Olympia Elizabeth
Olympia Kirsten
Olympia Montserrat
Olympia Sophie

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