Origin: Old French

Meaning: “fortunate in battle”

Best Nicknames
Odie, Ody, Delie

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Odela, Odele, Odelia, Odila, Odilia

Odile TV and Movie Quotes:
“Maestro, Odile’s Coda please.” Black Swan (2010)
“Our next episode, this time in Cinemascope and Technicolor: Odile and Franz in the tropics.” Band of Outsiders (1964)

Famous people named Odile or its variations

1. Odile Madeline Gertze (born c. 1988), Namibian beauty queen
2. Odile Conseil (b. 1960), French journalist
3. Odile Versois (1930-80), French actress;
born Tatiana de Poliakoff-Baidaroff

Odile Middle Names
Odile Celine
Odile Jacqueline
Odile NoƩmie
Odile Quitterie

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