Origin: Irish

Meaning: “champion”
feminine form of Nyles

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Nylaa, Nylah, Nylani, Nyleah, Nylee, Nylia, Nyliah, Nylie

Nyla Book Quotes:
“Nyla danced around in the mirror.”
Champagne, Jellybeans and Chocolate (2006)
“Nyla felt happy and unafraid.”
Brandon’s Chamber of Amazing Tales (2005)

Famous people named Nyla or its variations

1. Nyla Usha (b. 1984), Indian actress, model
2. Nyla Ali Khan (b. 1972), Indian professor, author
3. Nyla Milleson (b. 1962), American college basketball coach

Nyla Middle Names
Nyla Bernadette
Nyla Grace
Nyla Kristyn
Nyla Mercedes

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