Origin: Latin

Meaning: “new”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Nova, Novah, Novalee, Novaleigh, Novalie,
Novelle, Novi, Novia, Novie

Novella Book Quotes:
“Maybe they just won’t want my gift, Novella said.”
Novella’s Legacy (2005)
“Novella was treated as a special guest that evening.”
Love is the Reason for Living. (2011)

Famous people named Novella or its variations

1. Novella Calligaris (b. 1954), Italian Olympic swim champ
2. Novella Nelson (b. 1939), American actress, singer
3. Novella Parigini (1921-1993), Italian painter

Novella Middle Names
Novella Charmaine
Novella Fawn
Novella Jasmine
Novella Roxanne
Novella Willow

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