Origin: French

Meaning: “little Nicole”

Best Nicknames
Coco, Nickie, Nikki, Lettie, Letty

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Nicoletta, Nicollette, Nikoleta, Nikoletta

Nicolette TV and Movie Quotes:
“Nicolette, work it out. Be happy.”
Big Love: Where There’s a Will (2006)
“Andy, Nicolette, this is your new home.” She-Devil (1989)

Famous people named Nicolette or its variations

1. Nicolette Krebitz, German actress
2. Nicolette Leigh Larson (1952-97), American pop singer
3. Nicollette Sheridan (b. 1963), American actress

Nicolette Middle Names
Nicolette Anne
Nicolette Diane
Nicolette Gianna
Nicolette Lorraine
Nicolette Marie

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