Origin: Welsh

Meaning: “radiant, bright”
also Swahili: purpose; and diminutive for names ending in -nia

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Nea, Niah, Nya, Nyah

Nia TV and Movie Quotes:
“Heck, see a movie with Nia.”
It’s Kind of a Funny Story (2010)
“Nia dissolved a marriage of 11 years because of infidelity,
no betrayal.” A Girl Thing (2001)

Famous people named Nia or its variations

1. Nia Nicole Abdallah (b. 1984), American martial arts champ
2. Nia Dinata (b. 1970) Indonesian film director
born Nurkurniati Aisyah Dewi
3. Nia Peeples (b. 1961 ), American singer, actress;
born Virenia Gwendolyn Peeples

Nia Middle Names
Nia Dolores
Nia Francesca
Nia Lenore
Nia Paloma
Nia Suzanne

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  1. nia p says:

    i get called nini , ni , or jus nia . i wanna nickname that had nothing to do with my name but would make sense if i used it

  2. Nia says:

    Well, my name is infact Nia and some people call me Nini so yeah I guess that’s pretty decent.

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