Origin: Latin

Meaning: “snow”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Neva, Nava, Neiva, Nevya, Nevaeh, Nova

Neve TV and Movie Quotes:
I feel like Neve Campbell in “Scream 2.”
The Office: Frame Toby (2008)
Whoa! You look like Neve Campbell at the end of “Scream”.
Lizzie McGuire: I’ve Got Rhythmic (2001)

Famous people named Neve or its variations

1. Neve Adrianne Campbell (b. 1973), Canadian actress
2. Neve McIntosh (b. 1972), Scottish actress
born Carol McIntosh
3. Neve Gachev, Bulgarian-born British actress

Neve Middle Names
Neve Delaney
Neve Frances
Neve Leigh
Neve Ophelia
Neve Pauline

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  1. Neve says:

    Neve for speed
    Neve for weed
    Adam and neve
    Christmas neve

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