Origin: American

“heaven” spelled backwards

Singer, Sonny Sandoval’s 2000 appearance on MTV Cribs with
his baby daughter Nevaeh is widely quoted as the impetus behind the
spectacular rise in popularity of the name. All variants listed below
come from 2011 Social Security Administration statistics

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Heaven, Nevae, Nevaeha, Nevaehly, Nevaya, Nevaiah,
Nevayah, Neveah, Neveyah, Neviah, Neviya, Neviyah

Phrases You May Hear or Say Someday:
If I had a nickel for every time I told you that, Nevaeh, I’d be rich.
Who’s puppy is that, Nevaeh?
Nevaeh has beautiful handwriting.

Famous people named Nevaeh or its variations

1. Nevaeh (b. 1986), American female wrestler
born Beth Vocke
2. Nevaeh ranked No. 75 in American baby girl names
in 2016 with 3,756 births.
3. Nevaeh ranked No. 25 in 2010 with 6,383 births.

We’re saving places for two famous Nevaehs

Nevaeh Middle Names
Nevaeh Celeste
Nevaeh Dawn
Nevaeh Estelle
Nevaeh Leilani
Nevaeh Shyanne

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  1. Nevaeh says:

    I love Vaeh my nephew calls me that! UwU

  2. Nevaeh says:

    I’ve always Used via vee vay vaeh and nevi

  3. heaven says:

    This is great because I’m going to be a singer and i got a nick name heaven because my name is Nevaeh

  4. nevaeh says:

    cute nic name for nevaeh could be eva

  5. Nevaeh says:

    Nae Nae is a good nickname and for the middle name maybe Nevaeh Renee its really pretty and it my middle name soo..

  6. nevaeh says:

    nini is a cute one <3

  7. Nevaeh says:

    nivi is a good nick name because its my nickname

  8. Nevaeh says:

    VAY!, pfft, thats what my grandmother called me for the longest time :}

  9. Nevaeh says:

    vaeh, nev, vae,

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