Origin: Spanish

Meaning: “sea nymph”
also, aboriginal Australian: “water lily”

Best Nicknames:
Neri, Nerri, Nerrie, Nerry, Rita

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Nerea, Neredia, Nereida, Nereyda, Neria,
Neriah, Neridah, Neriya, Nerine, Nireida

Nerida Book Quotes:
“Noel laughed and Nerida said, ‘Some people call
me Nerry.'” Vanishing Point (1993)
“Nerida flexed her hands, but otherwise didn’t move.”
Tempting Evil (2007)

Famous people named Nerida or its variations

1. Nerida Newton (b. 1972), Australian novelist
2. Neridah Leishman, Australian singer
3. Nerida Winter, Australian fashion designer

Nerida Middle Names
Nerida Alice
Nerida Charlotte
Nerida Isabelle
Nerida  Jean
Nerida Ruby

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  1. Nerida says:

    My name is Nerida and I grew up believing that my name is aboriginal.
    My nickname was Neddy as a child but became Ned as an adult.

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