Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “God has given”
feminine form of Nathan

Best Nicknames:
Nat, Nattie, Nia

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Natania, Nataniya, Natanya, Natanyah, Netanela,
Netanella, Netania, Netanya, Nethania

Nathania Book Quotes:
“Nathania was the first to spy him in the distance.”
Sapphira’s Song (2007)
“Nathania’s face flushed beet red, and Faith knew it wasn’t
from the sun.” Best Friends: The True Story of the
World’s Most Beloved Animal Sanctuary

Famous people named Nathania or its variations

1. Nathania Rubin, American artist, animator
2. Nathania Branch-Miles, American genealogist, author
3. Natanya Singh, Indian actress

Nathania Middle Names
Nathania Abigail
Nathania Irene
Nathania Mariah
Nathania Paige

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