Origin: Latin

Meaning: “love”
nature name; the evergreen shrub sacred to the goddess Venus

Best Nicknames
Mert, Mertie, Merty, Myrt, Myrtie,
Myrty, Tillie, Tilly

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Mertice, Mertis, Mertle, Myrta, Myrtia, Myrtice, Myrtis

Myrtle TV and Movie Quotes:
“I have a plan, Myrtle” The Dressmaker (2015)
“Myrtle Mae, you have a lot to learn, and I hope
you never learn it.” Harvey (1950)
“Hello, Myrtle, put the wizard on the wire. He’s
in the sanctum.” Twentieth Century (1934)

Famous people named Myrtle or its variations

1. Myrtle Sharon Mary Augee (b. 1965), English shot putter
2. Myrtle Gonzalez (1891-1918), American silent film actress
3. Myrtle Corbin (1868-1928), “The Four-Legged Woman of
Blount County; born Josephene Myrtle Corbin

Myrtle Middle Names
Myrtle Agnes
Myrtle Beatrice
Myrtle Louise
Myrtle Pauline
Myrtle Theresa

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