Origin: English

Meaning: “merciful”
feminine form of Myles

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Miley, Myleen, Mylene, Mylie

Phrases you may say or hear someday:
You’re the prettiest girl in town, Myla.
Cover your ears, Myla.

Famous people named Myla or its variations

1. Myla Goldberg (b. 1971), American novelist, musician
2. Siboney Lo (b. 1978), Chilean actress
born Myla Siboney Cortes Chavez

Myla Middle Names
Myla Arlene
Myla Evelyna
Myla Jane
Myla Priscilla
Myla Rae

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    I was born in 1931 and was named after a lady who would be over 100 today.

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