Origin: Welsh

Meaning: “my dearest”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Myf, Myffanwy, Myvanwy, Mivvi, Myvvi, Vanni

Myfanwy Book Quotes:
“I wonder how Myfanwy will feel about it?”
Troubled Waters (2011)
“Maybe Myfanwy hasn’t been arrested…”
Racing the Gauntlet (2005)

Famous people named Myfanwy or its variations

1. Myfanwy Waring (b. 1974), Welsh actress
2. Myf Warhurst (b. 1973), Australian TV personality,
born Myfanwy Warhurst
3. Myfanwy Pavelic (1916-2007), Canadian portrait artist,
born Myfanwy Spencer

Myfanwy Middle Names
Myfanwy Dilys
Myfanwy Elen
Myfanwy Olwen
Myfanwy Rose

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