Morgan (Girl)

Origin: Welsh

Meaning: “great and bright”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Morgaine, Morgana, Morgane, Morgann,
Morganne, Morgayne, Morgen, Morgin, Morgyn

Morgan TV and Movie Quotes:
“What… what about taking Morgan to school, you know, for
some grown-up girl bonding time?” Enchanted (2007)
“Well, it’s Parent’s Day, and your birth mother, Morgan Fairchild,
couldn’t make it.” Roseanne: Punch and Jimmy (1994)
“I’m thinking of the future here, Morgan.” Merlin (1998 Mini-Series)

Famous people named Morgan or its variations

1. Morgan Fairchild (b. 1950), American actress
born Patsy Ann McClenny
2. Morgan Brittany (b. 1951), American actress
born Suzanne Cupito
3. Morgana King, American singer and actress
born Maria Grazia Morgana Messina

Morgan Middle Names
Morgan Brianne
Morgan Carlotta
Morgan Evangeline
Morgan Jennifer
Morgan Ruth

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  1. Morgan says:

    My family calls me Morgie Borgie and Morgs, but with my friends I go by Emmy.

  2. MTP says:

    My current nicknames as a fellow morgan:
    Morgs (or Morgz)
    Morgie (when I was younger)
    Mo money

  3. Ⲙ๏rgⱥղ😒 says:

    My name is Morgan. It’s a pretty cool name

  4. morgan says:

    the only nicknames i allow at 23 are Morgo & Dj Morgy Morg, but when i was growing up it was always momo & morgy which i hate!

  5. Morgan T-T says:

    My friends call me Morgan-Morgana, Da Baby Morgan, Morgana Da Baby, Da Baby Morgana, Morgana, Morgilina, Morgati, Morgs, Mor Mor, Morgano, Baby Morgano, Morgano Da Baby and a bunch more T-T

  6. Carmine says:

    I am a female

  7. Morgan Carr says:

    Haha, I’ve been called MoMo, Morgie, Morgie porgie, and my favorite, (it’s a rhyme) Morgie Porgy Puddin Pie’ Kissed the boys and made them Cry. 😂😂

  8. Morgan says:

    Everyone calls me Little Mo

  9. Morgan Stark says:

    My big “brother” peter calls me morgie and morg queen of the porgs. (Star wars reference😉) i love you 3000❤

  10. Morgan says:

    I’m known as:
    • Mo
    • Morgiss
    • Mojo
    • Modog
    • Morgie
    • Morg

  11. morgan says:

    i go by momo or one of my friends calls me morgie momo and there’s an occasional mo or em

    • Morgan says:

      Hey my friend calls me Em too. I haven’t heard of another Morgan being called Em

    • Morgan Carr says:

      Aww Em is so cute! I’m gonna start introducing myself as Em. I love it :)

    • morgan says:

      i love em me and my friend hadley r making up cute nicknames for eachother we actually on a zoom just us right now and i call her had had and im thinking of using em i did when i was littler

  12. Morgan says:

    My nickname is moses or moe

  13. Morgan says:

    I get called MoMo, Mo, Morg,and Morgie a lot

  14. Morgan says:

    My ma calls me mojo. When i was younger my sister used to call me gorgan.

    • Jeremy Gibbons says:

      Mojo is cute

    • Diamond889 says:

      My name is Morgan to. When my friend was little she called me Gorgan. My nicknames are: morge, morgana, mogwi (can’t spell it), and morg. I do not like these nicknames because they do not sound nice. Do u know any nice nicknames I could use??? ❤

    • Morgan says:

      I get called mojo a lot since Morgan starts with “Mo” and my last name starts with “Jo”

  15. Morgan says:

    My family calls me Morg and Morgie but my friends call me Mora, quite frankly I prefer the latter…

  16. Morgan ;-; says:

    Well my nickname is Mogs but it’s MY nickname.. It’s differant and I like it..

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