Origin: Spanish, Italian

Meaning: “brunette, brown-haired”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Marena, Mora, Morene, Mori

Morena Book Quotes:
“Morena was busy speaking to someone behind her.”
An Eternal Love (2009)
“Morena was not asleep despite all appearances.”
A King in Exile (2004)

Famous people named Morena or its variations

1. Morena Salvino (b. 1978), Italian actress, model
2. Morena Baccarin (b. 1979), Brazilian American actress
3. Morena CelariΓ© (1922-1972), Salvadoran folk dancer

Morena Middle Names
Morena Ashlyn
Morena Bianca
Morena Francesca
Morena Nadette

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