Origin: French

Meaning: “advisor”
variant of Monica

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Moni, Monike, Moniqua, Nika, Niqqi, Nique

Monique TV and Movie Quotes:
“That’s not important to me, Monique…”
Kim Possible (2002 TV Series)
“What does it matter to you, Monique?”
Grand Prix (1966)

Famous people named Monique or its variations

1. Monique de Ara├║jo Alfradique (b. 1986), Brazilian actress
2. Monique Riekewald (b. 1979l), German skeleton racer
3. Monique Morelli, (1923-1993), French singer
born Monique Dubois

Monique Middle Names
Monique Astrid
Monique Georgina
Monique Noemi
Monique Paulette
Monique Simone

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  1. Monique Victoria says:

    Monique has been my nickname for years, and that is what friends and some v family call me

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