Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “star of the sea”
variant of Mary

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Mairim, Mariam, Maryam, Meriam, Meryam, Mimi,
Mirham, Mirian, Mirja, Mirjam, Mirjana, Mirriam,
Miryam, Mitzi, Mitzie, Miyana, Miyanna, Myriam

Miriam TV and Movie Quotes:
“Giraffes don’t just fall from the sky, Miriam.” Coraline (2009)
“Miriam, do you want us flogged?” The Prince of Egypt (1998)
“I loved Miriam. She should have been my wife.”
Inalienable (2008)

Famous people named Miriam or its variations

1. Miriam Gössner (b. 1990), German-Norwegian biathlete
and cross-country skier
2. Miriam Yeung (b. 1974), Hong Kong actress, Cantopop singer
3. Miriam Makeba a.k.a. Mama Africa (1932-2008), South African singer
and civil rights activist; born Zenzile Miriam Makeba

Miriam Middle Names
Miriam Abigail
Miriam Carleen
Miriam Georgette
Miriam Jeanne
Miriam Leigh

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