Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “who is like God”
feminine form of Michael

Best Nicknames:
Micki, Mickie, Mikki, Mike, Mikey, Mikie, Mimi

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Macaela, MacKayla, Makayla, Makyla, McKayla, Mechaela,
Meeskaela, Micaela, Michal, Michael, Michaelina, Michaeline,
Michaila, Michalin, Michele, Michelina, Micheline, Michelle,
Mikaela, Mikayla, Mikella, Mikelle, Mikhaila, Mikhayla,Mychaela

Michaela TV and Movie Quotes:
“Michaela, the doctors are in the dark.”
Lorenzo’s Oil (1992)
“I’d like to be called Michaela Angela Martinez.”
The Third Generation (1979)
“Life isn’t about living forever, Michaela.”
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (1993 TV Series)

Famous people named Michaela or its variations

1. Michaela Conlin (b. 1978), American actress
2. Michaela Bercu (b. 1967), Romanian-Israeli model, actress
3. Michala Elizabeth Laurinda Banas (b. 1978) New Zealand
actress, singer

Michaela Middle Names
Michaela Anne
Michaela Christine
Michaela Jeanne
Michaela Sylvie
Michaela Yvonne

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  1. Machaela says:

    My name is pronounced as Ma-Kay-la and I go by Mac, Makaykay, and Makaybear.

  2. Michaela says:

    Mi-ka-ka is what people call me

    • mickala says:

      my name is spelled m i c k a l a and people call me mi kay kay which i hate cuz for me it draws attention and i get shy. Tbh i wish people called me mikie or mimi

  3. michaela says:

    my niknames are cayla cay-bug bug and lil gucci

  4. Michaela says:

    Mikay, Micha

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