Origin: English

Meaning: “slender, delicate”
feminine form of Melvin

Best Nicknames:
Mel, Melli, Mellie, Melly, Mina, Vina

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Malvina, Malvinna, Melva, Melvena, Melvinna,
Melvyna, Melvynna, Milvina, Millvina

Melvina Book Quotes:
“Head nurse Melvina Ramoud was the first person
Dolores had ever met who meant business.”
Arabian Jazz (1993)
“Melvina, please fix me a chicken salad,” Esther said.”
The Honey Well (2005)
“Melvina,” Black said, “That’s okay. Do you sing?”
Slocum and the City Slickers (2007)

Famous people named Melvina or its variations

1. Ewa Swann (b. 1945), Italian actress
Born Melvina Rota di San Pellegrino
2. Millvina Dean (1912-2009), Titanic survivor (youngest
person on board at time of its sinking);
born Elizabeth Gladys Millvina Dean

Melvina Middle Names
Melvina Anne
Melvina Edith
Melvina Helen
Melvina Louise
Melvina Marie

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