Origin: Spanish

Meaning: “star of the sea”
variant of Maria

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
May, Maira, Maire, Mairi, Marya, Maryre, Mayree, Myra

Mayra Book Quotes:
“The cat headed to the stairs as if she understood what
Mayra, had said.” Sleepwalker (1991)
“The chant finished and Mayra was brought forth.”
Eyes of the Crow (2005)

Famous people named Mayra or its variations
Mayra AndradeMayra VeronicaMayra Montero

1. Mayra Andrade (b. 1985), Cape Verdean singer
2. Mayra Verónica (b. 1980), Cuban-born, American-raised model
born Mayra Verónica Aruca Rodríguez
3. Mayra Montero (b. 1952), Cuban-Puerto Rican writer

Mayra Middle Names
Mayra Beatriz
Mayra Cheyenne
Mayra Evelina
Mayra Noemi
Mayra Tianna

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  1. Rosalinda says:

    HI EVERYONE!!!!! I have the name Rosalinda and my friends call me Rosie,CC because of my last name the first letter and sometimes they call me cute other name for the name Deseray I call her DD also spelled like this DeeDee.Next namer i have is mayra i have this nickname that might be useful MIMI its really cute now for the name Giselle i will use GG for sure and the name Krystal i will do KK witch is cute!!!!!!!!!Now for boy names we have Leonardo and i will call him Leo that all i got SORRY SORRY EVERYONR

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