Origin: Latin

Meaning: “star of the sea”
variant of Mary

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Marial, Mariel, Marika, Marja, Marya, Mayra, Mayria

Maria TV and Movie Quotes:
“Fraulein Maria, did I or did I not say that bedtime is to be
strictly observed in this household?” The Sound of Music (1965)
“They use Maria for an excuse to start World War III.”
West Side Story (1961)

Famous people named Maria or its variations

1. Maria Margarethe Anna Schell (1926-2005),
Austrian/Swiss actress
2. Maria Montessori (1870-1952), first Italian female physician,
developed philosophical educational program for children
born María del Rosario Pilar Martínez Molina Baeza
3. Maria Theresa (1770-80), Holy Roman Empress
mother of French queen, Marie Antoinette

Maria Middle Names
Maria Christina
Maria Josephine
Maria Leonora
Maria Pearl
Maria Valentina

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  1. maria is my middle name says:

    mari, ria, aria

  2. Maria says:

    Aria or Airam (Maria backwards)

  3. Maria says:

    All my friends call me Ria

  4. Maria Rodriguez says:


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