Origin: Latin

Meaning: “dedicated to Mars”
Feminine form of Marcus

Best Nicknames
Marci, Marcie, Marcy

Variations and Sound-Alikes
Marcella, Marcena, Marcene, Marciana, Marcila, Marcine,
Marcita, Marquita, Marsha, Marseea, Marsia, Martia.

Phrases you might say or hear someday:
Marcia’s party was a big success.
A watched pot never boils, Marcia.
Being stubborn won’t get you anywhere, Marcia.

Famous people named Marcia or its variations

1. Marcia Anne Cross (b. 1962), American actress
2. Marcia Elaine Hines (b.1934), American-born Australian singer, actress
3. Marcia Llyneth Griffins (b. 1983), Jamaican reggae singer
nickname: “Queen of Reggae”

Marcia Middle Names
Marcia Antoinette
Marcia Camille
Marcia Hayley
Marcia Leah
Marcia Serenity

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