Mallory (Girl)

Origin: Old French

Meaning: “unlucky”
Alt: the French baby name site Meilleurs Prenoms says “Malaury” is a Celtic name meaning “wise prince”

Best Nicknames
Lori, Mal, Mala, Mallie, Mally, Malo

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Malarie, Mallary, Mallaurie, Mallaury, Mallerey, Mallery,
Malloree, Malloreigh, Mallorey, Mallori, Mallorie,
Maloree, Maloreigh, Malorey, Malori, Malorie, Malory

Mallory TV and Movie Quotes:
“What is your problem, Mallory?” Triple Dog (2010)
“I want you, Mallory!” Family Ties (1982 TV Series)
“He’s inside hiding from Mallory.”
The West Wing: Galileo (2000)

Famous people named Mallory or its variations

1. Mallory Burdette (b. 1991), American tennis pro
2. Mallory Snyder (b. 1984), American model
3. Mallory Lewis (b. 1963), American puppeteer;
born Mallory Tarcher

Mallory Middle Names
Mallory Dorothea
Mallory Kendall
Mallory Lorraine
Mallory Suzanne

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  1. Mallory says:


  2. Maleria says:


  3. mally says:

    ma mally

  4. Mallory says:

    Mallory Whitney

  5. Jayden says:

    I spelled it in my book like this: Malery. I can’t find that spelling on the internet any where! The closest is ‘Mallery’!! But I think some nicknames could be; Mal, Mal-Mal, Maly, (if spelled Mallory or Malory) Lory, and ETC!!!!

    Hope this helped..and do you think I should spell the name like above?(Malery)

    • vj says:

      Hi Jayden, you can spell it Malery if you want. Just because you can’t find it on the internet doesn’t mean that no one has ever spelled their name that way. The Social Security Administration tables show that 6 girls who were born in 2009 were named Malery.

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